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Frozen Pipes

We are here for you when a pipe freezes in your home. We are armed with equipment that can assist in locating the pipe that is frozen or leaking.

Thermal Imager;

Thermal imaging is one state of the art tools at our disposal. The imager locates differential temperatures and water soaked or moist areas. This helps limit the amount of access to walls and ceilings. Even though a client will have wall repair costs associated with access the imaging tools and moisture detection devices can save $$$. Without these tools a plumber can cause more access damage than necessary.

Plan of Action

Once we locate the area affected and pipe, we layout tarps and industrial carpets to protect the area. At times we even supply dust control and air movers until water damage specialist arrive. We carefully cut and access the pipe and repair it. Then the water supply is restored and checked further for leaks. We then clean up the area of the work. The technician will ask the client to approve the work and clean up. All debris from access are removed and disposed of except evidence an insurance company may need.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

If you want to prevent pipes from freezing this is what you can do in our area:
On Oct. 1st every year set a reminder to remove all garden hoses from outside water faucets.
Cover your outside water faucets with hosebib covers.
During frigid temperatures like below 20 degrees leave cabinets that have plumbing in them open.
Leave water running just barely, water that is moving is less likely to freeze.
While on winter vacation leave the heat on or better yet winterize the house.

Leak Alarms

Basements are susceptible to flooding caused by frozen pipes and other reasons, consider installing leak alarms to possibly alert you to impending water damage.

Call Today if you need your pipes unfrozen or a leak fixed.